Way back in 2006, the first ever Wooden Bike Classic competition was held in Rwanda. A few cycling industry legends and their friends witnessing this, were motivated to help cultivate the raw talent on show. The 2012 documentary ‘RISING FROM THE ASHES’ covers the inspirational story of how Rwanda’s first national cycling team, in their bid to represent their country at the 2012 Olympics, became a beacon of hope after the devasting genocide of 1994.

This was just the start of what the AFRICA RISING PROJECT was to go on to achieve. The organization produced a world-renowned road cycling national team for Rwanda, with numerous members who now compete on the international stage, but also a new generation of coaches, mechanics and nutritionists required to run a truly first-world cycling program. They have also been instrumental in of women’s cycling, hosting training camps for the first Pan-African women’s team with female riders from Rwanda, Eretria & Ethiopia. Africa Women Cycling is a project driving change and empowering the women who work within it to develop their cycling skills. 


You have the option to either visit the centre for a tour to learn about the fantastic initiatives being run here. Or you can choose to get involved and hop on a bike yourself. These cycling tours offer you a unique opportunity to slow down your travels through Rwanda, to get an up close and personal view of the stunning countryside of Rwanda, as well as meeting the locals away from the crowds. You will be guided by a former member of the Rwandan cycling team who will share their expertise with you on how to best ride your bike along the different terrain. 



Length : 25 km
Level : Beginner to intermediate
Highest elevation : 1,700m

Starting from ARCC, loop around the Kinigi area. This trail takes allows you to experience local life riding along areas the locals use for their daily activities and stopping at Nyange centre and Mukimbiri Milk centre. You will also be treated to fantastic views of the volcanoes Mgahinga, Sabinyo and Muhabura. 


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