Central African Republic, also referred to as CAR, is a remote and unique jungle destination. Although challenging to reach, once you are there a whole new world of unforgettable wildlife and nature experiences will open up before you. The mineral rich Dzanga Bai is a refuge for forest elephants who gather in herds up to 4,000 in number, a truly humbling ritual to witness. Keep your eyes open for some of the other normally shy forest creatures like bongo, giant forest hog, red river hog, sitatunga and forest buffaloes who will also be drawn to this Bai. Wildlife viewing at night offers you the change to find the elusive pangolin. Trekking Western Lowland gorillas is another highlight, along with walking amongst some of Africa’s tallest trees in the Valley of the Giants. You can also follow a group of the Ba’aka tribe on their daily hunter-gatherer lifestyle while being taught about the medicinal uses of plants, for an intense and authentic cultural exchange.

A Habituation SITUATION

A research station in Bai Hoku is located in the Dzanga Sangha Nationa Park, where Western Lowland Gorillas are being habituated, here travellers can trek to help in the process of this habituation project, which is an amazing experience in itself as it offers travellers the raw and pioneering feeling of driving conservation in a beautiful and extremely unique area of Africa, that very few people are able to reach. Adding to habituation projects in Dzanga Bai is the Pangolin rehabilitation project, located at Sangha Lodge, where travellers can also get the opportunity to see habituated Black-bellied pangolin that are being rehabilitated and returned to the wild, where they are monitored daily by members of the Ba’ka tribe.




7 Nights exploring Dzanga Bai ~ Gorilla & Mangabey Tracking, Forest & Night Walks, Ba'Aka Culture experience


The Central African Republic is a landlocked country in Africa, neighbouring Cameroon, Chad, Sudan, South Sudan, the DR Congo and the Republic of Congo. Bangui M’Poko International Airport is CAR’s only international Airport, with regularly scheduled flights from various destinations, including Paris. The landscape mostly consists of float or rolling savannah approximately 500 metre (1,640 ft) above seas level. Internal flights from Bangui to Dzanga Sangha National Park are scheduled year-round, with set departures. Contact us for more information on these SET DEPARTURE dates.  


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