This trip takes you on a journey deep into the untouched rainforests of Central Africa, perfect for anyone who has been fascinated with the mysterious tropical forests of Africa and expeditions of days gone by. This vast region, spanning three countries sparsely populated with Bantu tribes and nomadic groups of Pygmies will not disappoint the adventurer and wildlife lover. Dzanga-Sangha is in the northern section of the Congo Basin. In the reserve are large populations of African Forest Elephant, Western Lowland Gorillas, 16 of the country's endemic primate species (such as the De Brazza's Monkey with its distinctive white beard), reptiles, frogs, hundreds of different birds, and more. There is even an option to visit a village of the Ba'aka pygmies, where you can join them on a hunt for food, travelling into the surrounding forests. The village women will share their traditional knowledge of plants and you learn about their lifestyle in the forest.

Bai Hokou camp is the departure point for gorilla tracking, and is a 1 hour drive from Bayanga (35 km). Accompanied by trained guides who speak French and some also English. At present there are 2 groups of Habituated Gorillas in Dzanga Sangha that tourists may visit. Each Gorilla group has a maximum of 2 visits per day, and each visit has a maximum of 3 tourists making a total of 12 persons able to track gorillas in any one day. The walk to find gorillas can be fairly strenuous and a reasonable level of fitness is required. It is also preferred that groups divide themselves up according to their level of fitness so as to walk at around the same pace. Contact with the gorillas can be very close, sometime closer than the recommended standard of 7 meters due to the dense vegetation in places. And the time allowed with each visit is strictly 1 hour.



Gorilla Viewing Etiquette applies to tracking Gorillas in Central African Republic. 

Gorillas are highly susceptible to most human diseases, so it is imperative their exposure to human respiratory viruses and other common ailments is strictly avoided. If you are knowingly carrying a contagious disease (especially the FLU). DO NOT attempt to trek. Park offcials have the right to refuse you access to the gorillas if they suspect you are ill. 



7 Nights exploring Dzanga Bai ~ Gorilla & Mangabey Tracking, Forest & Night Walks, Ba'Aka Culture experience

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