Lake Kivu is located in the west of Rwanda, just a couple of hours drive from Musanze, the home of the Mountain Gorillas. Choose from a morning or afternoon departure from either Paradise Malahide (Gisenyi) or Bethany (Kibuye). The shoreline of Lake Kivu is surrounded by lush green hillsides, which combined with the blue waters make this one of the most tranquil spots in Rwanda. The active Nyiragongo volcano looming overhead, is a striking reminder of the immense eruptive activity all along the Albertine Rift that formed such striking landscapes. Paddle along at your own pace taking in the abundant bird life found darting between the bushes.

If you are able to linger a little longer to sunset, witness the spider like structures of traditional fishing boats beautifully silhouetted, with their rhythmic singing rolling like the lapping waves on the shore. The drive from Kigali to Gisenyi (lake Kivu) is 3.5 hours. If staying in Musanze, the drive is 30min from Muszanze to Gisenyi. If transferring from Kiglai via Musanze, the drive is 1.5 - 2 hours. 


All equipment provided is modern, where no previous experience is needed to complete this activity. The amount of time you spend on water is 2.5 - 3hrs. Full instructions are provided by qualified British canoeing paddlesport leaders as guides. Your guide will be on hand if needed and will help you enjoy your time on the water. The guides will also be able to provide information on the places you visit as well as showing you where to go, they will take photos of you on the water and share with you after your time on the water - free of charge.

Subject to availability, you can hire a waterproof camera to take your own photos for $30 – where you can keep the memory card afterwards. 


Dry Season (December - February & June - September)

Morning activity meet at 07:30am to start at 08:00am and return by 11:00am

Afternoon activity meet at 14:00pm to start 14:30pm and return by 17:30pm


Wet Season (March - May & October - November)

Morning activity meet at 07:30am to start at 08:00am and return by 11:00am

Late morning activity meet at 11:00am to start 11:30am and return by 14:30pm


PLEASE NOTE: There are no scheduled afternoon activities in the WET SEASON

In the afternoon, your return to the hotel is timed so that you can view the spectacular sight of the local fishing boats paddling out to start their night of work. The spider like structures of these traditional boats will be beautifully silhouetted against the sunset, with their rhythmic singing guiding you back to the shore. Please note, fishing boats do not depart every day.

In the dry season (December - February & June - September) it is sometimes windy between about 11:00am and 14:30pm.

During the wet season (March - May & October - November) there can be thunderstorms in the afternoons, so activities are avoided on the water at these times.

PLEASE NOTE: The plan will be adjusted on the day according to the actual conditions, so please be aware that things can change even when you're on the water. 




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