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African wild zebras and wildebeest in th


Tanzania is the epitome of the ultimate African safari, with its vast landscapes and contrasting spectacles. From Africa’s highest peak Mt Kilimanjaro, the Savannahs of the Serengeti; home to the Great Migration, the phenomena of the Ngorongoro Crater to the beaches of the ‘Spice Island’ of Zanzibar. Home to over 100 different tribes including the oldest hunter gatherers known as the Hadzabe & the synomonous Masaai nomadic pastoralists. Along with coastal traders from the East they were united via the trade language ‘Swahili’ which later became the official language for Tanzania at independence. Visitors can explore this expansive country through classic safaris, trekking, mountain biking, quad biking, mountaineering ballooning and boating.

Tanzania Itineraries


16 Days ~ Private Safari

The Best of Northern Tanzania ~ Predators & Prey


Land of Giants ~ Elephants & Baobabs

World Heritage Sight & Natural Wonder of Africa

The Wildebeest Migration & Big 5

Tarangire National Park  

Ngorongoro Crater

Serengeti National Park

Elephants, Ruaha, Tanzania.jpg


9 Days ~ Private Safari

A Road Less Travelled

Two of Southern Tanzania's wildlife parks connected by two prominent rivers where nature comes to life on the Ruaha & Rufiji River.


Ruaha National Park

Nyerere National Park (Selous Game Reserve)


9 Days ~ Private Safari

The Contrasts of Western Tanzania

Hippos & Chimps


Mahale National Park  ~ Forests, Hills & Chimps

Katavi National Park ~ Survival of the fittest amongst Hippos & Lions

Mahale 5.jpg


Visiting Tanzania would not be complete without a trip to one of her beautiful islands. Offering a diverse experience from the historical spice island of Zanzibar to swimming with Whale Sharks on Mafia and diving with the best on Pemba... or simply enjoy the exclusivity on the private island of Fanjove!

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